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The Sewell Hammerhead converts any VGA signal with audio to HDMI with a full 1080p resolution. The Hammerhead requires no additional power for standard definition displays and includes an optional power supply for high definition. The Hammerhead allows users to connect any computer that outputs VGA to any HDMI TV or display. With so much free content online to watch these days, you can now get it from your computer to your big screen HDMI TV with this simple converter.

The Sewell Hammerhead is also a preferred adapter for those needing to connect gaming rigs to their HDTVs. With a 43 millisecond lag, this adapter is a great choice (anything under 50 milliseconds is undetectable by the human eye and inconsequential).

Product Highlights:

  • No external power adapter needed (supporting VGA port and internal power supply).
  • The unit comes ready to use, requiring no software, simply plug and play.




TypeVGA to HDMI Converter, 1080p

Supported Formats

Input Formatsup to 1920×1200 @ 60Hz
Output Formats1080p @ 60 Hz