Extron P/2 DA4 Plus 1×4 15 Pin HD Distribution Amplifier

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15 Pin HD Distribution Amplifier


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Distribution amplifiers are devices that are highly utilized for video/audio signal amplification and distribution operations. Multimedia streaming, CCTV surveillance, etc. are some operations that are highly dependent on these devices. 
Since there are different types of amplifiers available, it is important for you to select the appropriate one for your use. We Mitey AV have distribution amplifiers available for rent in HD quality of Extron P/2 DA4 Plus 1×4 15 Pin. It is one of the best and most used amplifiers.

Rent Distribution Amplifiers:

An amplifier is a device that is used to increase the voltage or power of a signal. You need amplifiers to enhance quality. Amplifiers are something that you can rent with us. You don’t need to buy one. Distribution amplifiers are typically installed indoors but are safe to use outdoors as well. They are designed to distribute signals to multiple TV outlets within a house, or when there are very long cable runs to TV outlets.  If you’re not sure what sort of amplifier will be perfect for your needs, don’t worry: we’ll help you figure it out.
Renting distribution amplifiers is easy. You can rent distribution amplifiers with Mitey AV. Distribution amplifiers are something which is made to support digital, analog, or a combination of digital and analog signal types. We have many amplifiers available for rent, so whether your amplification task is big or small, we can help. We can provide you distribution amplifiers for a day, a week or for a month. Contact Mitey for more details.