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Mitey AV stocks box truss and many other rigging accessories for use in mounting speaker systems, projection, displays and lighting. Browse our rigging accessories online for clamps, cheese-boroughs, span-sets & more! Great rates too! Call today for more details!

Mitey AV technicians are here to help you find the equipment you need for any event.

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Rigging Rentals Mitey AV

Everyone knows how important it is to have a good stage lighting at any
entertainment event or on a tv or film set. But, behind a successful event, there are
miles upon miles of infrastructure that makes the event successful. Rigging is a
very important equipment for lighting and staging. Rigging is created using a series
of rope lines, pulleys, counterweights and other devices, that helps the stage crew
to quickly and safely move lighting and other components around the back and
side of the stage. Rigging equipment is something that you don’t need to buy, you
can rent it.

Why you should rent rigging equipment:

The main reason to rent rigging
equipment is the cost of it. You don’t need rigging equipment daily; you need it
occasionally. You need different rigging equipment for different occasions, and it
is a better option to rent them instead of buying. Usually, rigging rentals include
delivery for reliable parts and service support. You can get the required parts
delivered or you can pick them up quickly whenever you need. If needed, we will
send a certified technician to fix the equipment on the site. It will also fulfil your
business needs regarding the setup of your event.

Need of rigging equipment:

Whether you run a construction firm, an event planning company, or a movie studio, you will have to decide whether to rent or buy the rigging equipment for your upcoming project, and we will suggest you to
rent them. Without a doubt, the most important feature of rigging is safety. You receive more than just equipment when you hire rigging equipments.

We offer equipment that has been consistently maintained and repaired. Also, if you are unclear about what kind of rigging equipment you want, our experts can help you pick the right equipment.