ETC Source Four 575W Ellipsoidal Lighting Fixture

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Ellipsoidal lighting fixture is a type of stage lighting fixture, named for the ellipsoidal reflector used to collect and direct the light through a barrel that contains a lens. The types of ERS (Ellipsoidal Reflector Spotlights) are designed and used for a wide variety of applications in the entertainment, display and event industry. The main feature of ellipsoidal light is that it is used for spotlighting. It has an ellipsoidal reflector behind the lamp to reflect the light in the direction you want or required.


etc source four 575w ellipsoidal lighting fxture

The ellipsoidal fixture that changed the lighting industry. It has four sources. Source Four combines the energy-saving power of the HPL lamp, with a reflector and optical-quality lenses. ETC Source Four 575W Ellipsoidal Lighting Fixture is one of the best brands for lighting. We Mitey AV can provide it to you your event. No other light offers such optical brilliance. Source Four’s advanced technology provides you with a clean white beam for incomparable imaging, amazing pattern projection, and a bright field. And it is a good option to rent them instead of buying them.

Benefit and Uses of renting Ellipsoidal Lighting Fixture

If you are searching for the perfect lighting equipment for your event. Then here we are!! The right lighting is going to make your event shine. Whether it is a wedding, party, or anything else, The Ellipsoidal Lighting Fixture is famous for its bright, focused light and many other uses. It can highlight performers and any other special object you want. It can help turn nighttime into a shiny day. You don’t need ellipsoidal lighting fixture daily. You need them only on special occasions, that is why you should rent instead of buying them.
One of the jobs of a lighting fixture is to be an illusionist that convinces the audience they’re watching something special.
We would be happy if you rent our equipment. If you’d like us to handle the production side as well, we can do that too. We do look forward to working on your next event!

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