Speakers on Rent in New Orleans

At Mitey AV, we rent high-quality speakers and sound system equipment in New Orleans and nearby areas. In addition to our excellent customer service and customer-friendly policies, we have the most extensive stock of the best sound system on a rental basis in New Orleans and offer them at the most competitive prices. Our convenient New Orleans location also provides a range of technical services, including equipment delivery, setup, and tech support for events throughout all five boroughs. We can help you organize a seamless event for various events, from weddings and informal gatherings to large-scale corporate events.

Providing the best quality sound system in New Orleans for every event size

Premium powered speakers that we carry all come with a range of valuable features such as built-in sound processing, multiple inputs, a limiter to safeguard the amplifier from overload, and can be used with any standard power outlet. The speakers we offer sound fantastic.

We have solutions that fit your requirements and budget, whether it’s a simple sound system setup for birthday or wedding announcements, a sleek design for a corporate event or cocktail hour, or the best in loudspeaker solutions for live bands or DJs. We provide sound engineering, mixing, stage management services, delivery, setup, and on-site technical support. 

Sound Equipment Rental

An event with poor sound quality is the worst thing that can happen. The speech of the speaker is not audible either because the music is too loud or low. As such, you must use an appropriate audio system at your event.

The top brands of audio gear we offer include Meyer Sound, Shure, L-Acoustics, Yamaha, HK Audio, and many more. In addition, to live music, concerts, DJ gear, and backline, we can also provide sound equipment on rent for indoor and outdoor conferences, weddings, and small gatherings.

We have a solution for you: small speaker systems for house parties to massive line array systems for arenas. Moreover, you can choose to pick up the goods yourself or handle the process for you. You will receive only the highest quality professional equipment, no matter the circumstance.

We Can Help You Plan Your Rental

Mitey AV is your one-stop company for sound and DJ equipment rentals in New Orleans at an affordable price. For over ten years, we have helped nightclubs, hotels, weddings, house parties, businesses of all sizes, and even the producers of Saturday Night Live manage their rentals stress-free.

Using our event planning services, we’re here to ensure you have everything you need.

Mitey AV: Why rent from us?

  • Take advantage of expert advice that is proven to work
  • Pricing that’s simple, fair, and affordable
  • All accessories and cables are included in the package
  • Setting up, delivering, and picking up is convenient
  • Extensive experience – 10 years

Our Team

The equipment we have in stock is expensive, but our greatest asset is our employees. As an experienced technical service team, we can handle all aspects of production for events. Our customer service philosophy starts with the assumption that we are Mitey AV customers, not employees. As working professionals in the A/V industry, we put the same amount of care into the support we provide. As part of our brand growth strategy, we’ve built a team of experts who exceed our clients’ expectations. The company’s mission is to promote the growth of the music and DJ industries worldwide and help encourage music enthusiasts. 

We Have Professionals You Can Trust

It is much more challenging to build an adequate sound system than it is to create simple speakers. A professional team can handle the details of implementing a system effectively. Whether connecting everything so that sound is received clearly or connecting everything to be heard loudly, you can rely on our team. There should be no other people accompanying you. We aim to provide you best sound system on rent to make your events successful.


As a family-run store, we cherish our connections to the community and our common passion for music, expression, and creative expression.

Selecting a Speaker

Those who listen to thunderous music might want to invest in speakers between 85 dB and 110 dB. Sound louder than this would impair your hearing. You should be able to use 120 watts of power for mid-range speakers in your event function. Speakers become more potent as they become better and more expensive. Before selecting a speaker for your event, we should take into consideration the following factors.

Loudness (dB)

You should consider loudness whenever you rent speakers, especially if you listen to music at a high volume. Decibels are used to measure loudness. A simple increase of 10 decibels makes a massive difference in volume – every 10-decibel addition makes the sound twice as loud!

Speaker Sensitivity

Compared to mid-quality speakers, top-quality speakers are compassionate and can produce more sound with less power. The power required by mid-quality speakers is more significant than that for high-quality speakers.

Choose from our unmatched selection!

Various DJ equipment and sound systems are available for rent from us. The DJ system will consist of speakers, microphones, mixers, CDJs, turntables, controllers, lighting, and full sound and lighting equipment. Is there a particular model you need for your DJ rider? 

You can rely on all of our equipment as we will try to provide you with the best speakers on rent in New Orleans, and it has been tested and is ready to use. Furthermore, we’re available for pickups, deliveries, and setups to ensure that your event goes smoothly.

You can count on us to meet your needs and offer you the best prices possible, no matter what your needs may be.

We are authorized dealers of everything we provide on rent, so you can only rely on us to get quality branded equipment.

Would you like a quote for speakers on rent? Are you interested in discussing your event? Get in touch with us at 504-266-5681, stop by our location in New Orleans or mail us at [email protected].