Sound System Rental Service in New Orleans

Mitey AV LLC offers a wide range of sound system rentals, sound system installations, and audio solutions for corporate events, stage shows, fashion shows, private parties, tradeshows, etc on rental service in New Orleans. In addition, we are excellent in production for large, international conferences and small, local meetings alike, thanks to our know-how and considerable experience in audio technology.

Make sure your event, or tradeshow resonates with attendees by using the best sound rental equipment available. Besides being a leading sound system rental company, Mitey AV has extensive experience planning, delivering, setting up, and supporting audio equipment for any event. The following benefits come with Mitey AV sound systems:

  • Delivered on time, quickly, and efficiently
  • Support, setup, and configuration by a local expert

Getting to know your message is the most crucial step. We have the best sound equipment available for tradeshow rentals. Whether you’re planning a trade show, a business meeting, a conference, a training session, or an innovative product launch, you deserve the best sound equipment to deliver your message clearly and loudly.

Our event technology experts are among the most respected around the globe. The staff members of our organization can provide you with the latest technology and services you need to engage and impress your clients. Utilize the power of Mitey AV to make your event a true success.

We offer a broad range of LED TV rental services, projector rental services, projector, and screen rental services, as well as the latest audio-visual equipment and speaker rentals.

Each year, we host several events and complete projects using their well-trained technicians and the latest equipment. In our collaborative efforts, we can bring to your event an unmatched level of event expertise. 

For your live event, we want to give you a global reach. Our goal is to offer you the best event technology worldwide while ensuring consistently high-quality services – regardless of the member in our network you choose.

Audio Equipment rental services

In addition to supplying cutting-edge sound technology for any venue, we also provide customized speaker rental solutions to suit any event type or size. As a result, Mitey AV offers the right mix of professional sound equipment for every event, whether active and passive systems for corporate events, full-size loudspeaker rigs for festivals, ground-stacked or line array broadcasts, or club sound solutions.

We offer audio equipment to hire supplied by some of the most reputable manufacturers in event technology, including Audio-Technica, Sennheiser, and Yamaha.

At every step of the process, our team provides expert consulting, creative sound design, and tailored recommendations to ensure you can select the best PA system for venues, events, and audiences and to ensure an unforgettable experience for your guests.

Providing installation services for sound systems

Our company also specializes in professional sound system installation services for theaters, colleges, places of worship, and universities. In addition, it provides sound system rentals for corporate events, music festivals, concerts, and sporting events. Every stage of the fixed installation process is handled by our experienced audio technician teams, who can adapt our solutions to your venue and your needs. 

A sound system can be rented one-off or for an event as needed, providing the same high-end sound design as installing permanent, semi-permanent, or temporary PA systems. Our team’s extensive knowledge of each venue type and acoustics and their international and local connections guarantee your satisfaction with the results of your sound system installation for as long as it is needed.

A sound system that's right for your event

We have extensive experience at significant, small, and medium events as a sound system rental company, from corporate functions to private events. Whatever your next event is, Mitey AV can meet your needs, whether it’s a conference, a stadium tour, a live concert, or a fashion show. It is essential to ensure perfect sound quality for every event, whether it is indoor or outdoor. 

We will work with you to select the correct audio equipment for your venue based on its acoustics and the number of people attending. Our sound systems suit every occasion, from small, intimate meeting rooms to large outdoor stadiums. Whether around a conference table or in the top rows of an arena, we will provide everyone with the same auditory experience.

Professional audio equipment on rent for live events and hybrid events

The pro-audio business is very competitive, from conference technology to PA systems, stage lighting to music events. We only work with the best, most reliable brands in the business. We have established a long-term partnership with world-class brands. A host of renowned pro audio equipment manufacturers are represented within our membership portfolio, including Soundcraft, Behringer, Roland, JBL, etc.

Renting audio equipment for broadcasting and live streaming

We also offer a sound system on rent for broadcasting and live streaming purposes. In this era of virtual and hybrid events. Since our members completed several live online events in 2020, these are both the professional audio equipment and the know-how recommended for and tailored for live streaming environments.

Hiring a sound system that delivers quality

To ensure optimal audio performance, all our sound system equipment undergoes regular maintenance. Therefore, when hiring professional sound system from us, you can feel confident that they will be thoroughly tested before leaving our warehouses.

Mitey AV is now comprised of the most respected companies in the USA that provide sound systems on rent for various types of events. With our vast collective inventory of the latest event technology, we can provide attendees with the best experience ever. With a network of warehouses, you’ll receive products of the best quality, no matter where you are.

Please contact us anytime at [email protected] for information on our special pricing on sound system rental service. Whenever you need further assistance, we will be happy to provide it.