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Speaker Rental Service In New Orleans, LA

Whether it’s an event, party , or conference, our professionals can match you with the perfect speaker solution for your needs.

Behringer Speaker Kits — (10″, 12″ & 15″ sizes available from $45)

Mitey AV is a renowned audio rental service in New Orleans with PA Sound Systems, Portable Audio Systems, and more.



Powered Speakers
Electro-Voice SxA100+ Powered Composite 12 Inch Two-Way Speaker Please call us for a Quote
Electro-Voice SBA760 Compact Powered Subwoofer w/Built Stereo Please call us for a Quote
SHS Audio G2 Series S-210-A Powered Speaker Please call us for a Quote
Anchor AN1000X Compact Sound System Please call us for a Quote
Electro-Voice EKX15PUS 1500W Powered 15″ 2-Way Speaker Please call us for a Quote
Electro-Voice ZLX12PUS 1000W Powered 12″ 2-Way Speaker w/ Stand Please call us for a Quote
Electro-Voice ETX-35P – 3-Way, 2000W Powered Loudspeaker Please call us for a Quote
Electro-Voice ETX-18SP 18″ 1800W Powered Subwoofer Please call us for a Quote

Non-Powered Speakers
Electro-Voice PA430T Outdoor Paging Horn with 70V Transformer Please call us for a Quote

Speaker Stands
Ultimate Support TS-80B Aluminum Speaker Stand (Matte Black) Please call us for a Quote

Crown XTi 4000 Power Amplifier Please call us for a Quote

Rack-mount Production Speakers
Fostex RM-3 Rackmount 20W Speaker System Please call us for a Quote


Amplivox S602 Mity-Meg 25-Watt Megaphone
Please call us for a Quote


No matter if you are going to have a small concert or a virtual event, you can’t ignore the importance of sound. Hence, you should give a good thought to the companies that are dealing in speaker rental services so that you can easily rent speakers as per your requirement. As a matter of fact, good-quality rental speakers can really be the difference between an amazing and a mediocre event.

Regardless of this fact, there is no shame to admit that analyzing the quality of rental speakers is not everyone’s cup of tea. Sometimes being jack of all trade is not good enough, you need to be a master. It can be really overwhelming situation due to the number of options that comes online when you look for speakers rental. Hence, we’ve compiled a checklist that can certainly make your life easier.

As a matter of fact, at Mitey AV, we understand the plight of masses. This is the very reason, we always strive to help people to make amazing choices about speakers rental. And guess what, we succeed in our mission. Mitey AV is the name among thousands of small, medium-sized, and large companies when it comes to rent speaker or any other audio visual equipment in New Orleans and Southern Louisiana.

Below is a list of some amazing traits that has made us the best choice among masses when it comes to AV or Event Rentals especially when it comes to speaker rentals:

An Inventory of Branded and High-Quality Speakers for rent

It’s quite obvious that the first thing you will look into when searching for companies that rent speakers is the way their inventory looks like. High-quality and Branded Speakers & other AV equipment comes with higher costs too. You would agree with the fact that its hefty price tag showcases the competence and innovation that goes into developing phenomenal speakers, mixers, consoles, amps, and other AV equipment.

This guarantee the fact that if a speakers rental company is investing in such an inventory, they really are knowledgeable, experienced, and always knows what they do. They can certainly turn your mediocre event into a memorable one as they are fully aware on the tricks that can make you sound your best.

Mitey AV has a wide range of speakers rental, other sound equipment rental like mixers, consoles, etc. as well as staging and lighting solutions to ensure a memorable live or virtual event for you. Our well-maintained, branded, and high-quality audio visual equipment will make your sound awesome and will greatly put value in making your event a humongous success.

Feel free to browse through the website and check out some of the audio equipment we have in our inventory.

An Expert Team of Professionals

Mitey AV team has some of the most knowledgeable, and experienced crew who has successfully been a part of over 1000 events in a short span of time. We respect the value of your money and hence, we ensure that we deliver and exceed to your expectations. Always. Our crew consists of New Orleans local and people who never refrain from getting up in odd hours and ensure that your event runs smoothly and turns into a memorable one.

We are been a part of various National and local organizations like New Orleans Chamber of Commerce, National Association for Catering and Events, MPI Gulf States Chapter, etc. This collaboration has enabled us to work on some very large scale events where we have supplied equipment worth millions of dollars. Hence, it won’t be an exaggeration if we say that event size never matters to us. Be it big or small, you can trust the name Mitey AV.

Go through our website and learn more about Mitey AV and how we can certainly be able to serve you.

Consulting Approach

A majority of speaker and audio equipment rental companies will try to sell you the world, which obviously come with a huge price tag. But they fail to understand that you actually need a solution that fit your requirements in a perfect manner- nothing more, and for sure nothing less. At Mitey AV, we are committed to partner with you, consult with you about your exact requirements and develop a perfectly-sized solutions for your event well-within your budget.

If you’re looking for speakers rental companies from where you can rent speaker for your upcoming event, do reach out to us. We not only have an inventory of notable audio visual equipment, we will ensure that you won’t have to bite the dust anymore.

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