Projector versatility – How a projector is a solution in large spaces and small spaces

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The projector is one of the greatest technological tools created by humans, it’s at least in the top 1000.   The projector’s ability and versatility are the two main factors about a projector that enables its best usage both in large spaces and small spaces as its diverse usage depends upon how creatively you use it as it can stand successful in whatever way you use it. Through utilizing, the ability and versatility of a projector in either a large or small space you can make you able to yield the best and optimal results. 

Projectors’ ability to create optical projection through the lens is itself is a great thing that enables a person to experiment with the usage of a projector. A projector can be used in a large space such as in conference rooms, auditoriums, worships places, conventions, tradeshows, corporate events, shopping malls, and many others. With the latest technologies and advancements in projectors, you can project an image on greater distances with premium quality.  With the introduction of Short Throw Projectors, the need for space when projecting has literally been cut in half, or even more.     

In large spaces, people usually get confused on how to properly use a projector but technically there is no change between a small space projector or a large space one, the only different thing is the distance between the lens and screen. Now, a projector in a large space is appreciated much due to its versatile usage as you can use the projector for huge presentations, image descriptions, for viewing advertisements, for viewing a video clip, for showing a PowerPoint demonstration, and large corporate events.

A projector has more use in small spaces rather than large ones as the usage occurs from a day-to-day basis such as at educational places, business meetings, presentations, break out rooms, and more. Now we know that a projector has the great ability to project an image onto a screen with the aid of a lens which is a great concept and a greater optical technology to be used in today’s modern world. With a projector, you can project any kind of optical image on a screen or even a lightly colored wall.  

Now, the best projector option for small spaces is a short throw projector. A small throw projector can project an image within the distance of 5 to 10 feet away from the screen, depending upon the size of the image you want which is small or large. This projector is one of the best and popular choices that people mostly choose for themselves as it is productive, convenient, efficient, and versatile. These projectors can create bigger images at a short distance which is very much suitable for people both at the professional and educational levels.  

The short throw projector is the best option for small spaces, as its ability to project greater images at small distances provides you with a lot of versatility such as it can be used for professional purposes like presentations, project slides, project description, for discussing objectives and many more. Likewise, a small space projector has the versatility to only be sufficient for professional means but also as entertainment means such as using as a home theater, as a video game player, and many more.  

Here are some tips to get the best projector for either small or large spaces.

 To yield the most versatility and to use the projector to its best ability, first, you must rent the best projector either if it is for a small space or a larger space.  Because cheap projectors have low lumens, the price is always going to not be worth it.  A good short throw projector rents for $180 or more a day, for a meeting with 40 people or less.  Larger Short Throws range from 350-800 a day.

Here are some tips that you should consider before renting the projector as they will assist you to get the best projector for your use: 

  1. The projector should have a contrast ratio of at least 1500;1 which is considered good but a ratio higher than 2000;1 is considered excellent and if you rent a projector that has contrast lower than these ratios then your image will look washed out so choose the projector with the accurate contrast ratio.  
  2. The pixel density of the projector is an important factor for optimal projection, you should get a projector with a high real pixel count as they have the best use. 
  3. Color reproduction is also something that you should consider before renting the projector so look for natural tones, color intensity, picture settings, color stability, and how colors display in bright and dark spaces. All these factors are very important for achieving versatility in your projector.  
  4. Rent the projector with adequate light output, as the light output is low then the image will look muddy and distorted. This is referred to as Lumens, more lumens the better.  Always as what the ANSI lumens rating is for the unit the company proposes for your event.  Often they will tell you a number that is much higher than needed, so they can make more money.  Remember 40-70 people you need 3500 Lumens.  If you have a large screen and a general session you need 5000-6000 Lumens.   If you have 200 people and you are offered a projector that has 7000 Lumens or more, you are being taken advantage of.  
  5. Dalite,  Drapper, and Stumpfl are the only 3 brands of screen that you should rent.  They are the best, anything else is going to be junk, and the image will look poor.  
  6. When renting a projector, you do not need to hire a technician to be at your event the whole time.  Any reputable AV Equipment Rental Company will deliver, setup, and fully familiarize someone with your group on how to work the machine.  If they will not do that, find another company!   
  7. When renting the projector, make sure you know what types of computers or computer will be connecting to it.  All projectors modern projectors have HDMI, but not all computers have HDMI.  Make sure you know what adapter is needed to connect the computer to the projector.  If you do not have one, then the AV Equipment Rental Company should be able to provide you with one free of charge, but you must let them know a head of time. 

The versatility and ability of a projector to be used in a small or large space mainly depends upon how you operate it the type of projector it is. As far as the projector is concerned, we all know that you can use it in diverse ways according to your creativity and the projector’s functionality. The projector’s ability to projects an image onto a screen is itself is exceptional which can be hyped up further by operating it in versatile ways in both small and large spaces.