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Mitey AV is one of the best leading projector rental service providers in New Orleans, LA. Whether you need to present a presentation in events or corporate clients, you can rely on us to provide the best projector rental service. We do not just offer premium brand projectors for rent at the lowest possible price. Still, we also ensure that they are delivered on time and in the best possible condition and provide excellent customer service. Each piece of equipment we provide must be up to standard, and it is our responsibility to ensure that it will not disrupt your event.

We can offer the rental of both 10K and 5K lumen projectors. We rent an extensive range of projectors at our company, including laser projectors, LCD projectors, DLP projectors, and ultra-short-throw projectors. A company specializing in renting projectors rents different types of projectors, including high-definition projects, commercial-grade projectors, and various other projectors.

At Mitey AV, we have been doing projector rental service work for the last ten years, and we have extensive experience and wide-ranging solutions that we can offer you when it comes to achieving your project objectives. It has been our experience that the projectors that we provide can be used for several different purposes, including training sessions, presentations through PowerPoint, and the use of more conventional displays. If you rent an LCD projector from us, you will be renting a top-of-the-line model that will last for years to come. We only rent LCD projectors of the highest quality. Taking part in any events or projects will not result in any failures or setbacks, so you can be confident that all will run smoothly without a hitch.


To choose the right projector for your needs, it is essential to understand your requirements. The image quality of a projection depends on how long the on-throw distance is for a projector. Projectors that use short-throw require less space to produce an image than those that use long throw. You’ll need short-throw projectors if your venue has a small space and big screens. If you are having trouble with the image quality, you can adjust the brightness or contrast of the image. 

Short throw projectors have their main application in back projection, confined spaces, conference rooms, and offices since they require significantly less space than long throw projectors to produce a compelling image. A short-throw projector can only be used with a long-throw projector mounted on the ceiling in a classroom or meeting room. In contrast, a long throw projector can be positioned on a tabletop or mounted on the top.

Our Work includes the following:

Meetings & Conferences

We provide a range of large-scale installations used during a convention or corporate event to engage a large group of people. Mitey AV is a leader in event technology. We can offer a range of services, including large screens, multiple breakout rooms, and collaborative solutions tailored individually for each client.

Film Sets

A majority of our time is spent on the set of our movies. The list of projects we have worked on is long and includes films, TV shows, music videos, commercials, and countless others. The projection technique has become an essential tool for filmmakers in the past few years. Mitey AV, expertise and years of experience will ensure that your next film shoot is a visual success.

Events Integration

When working with a wide variety of events, a wide range of skills is required. In addition to providing audio, lighting, staging, and any other services you may need, we can also provide all the necessary equipment for you. Our experience allows us to work with both a camera crew and a projectionist during the event. We will ensure that our lighting does not overshadow the production and that the sound system can be shared between the speaker, the DJ, and the projection.

Events & Weddings

Our company also provides our clients with projector rental service for small events. We have both the time and inventory to accommodate any private party, be it a wedding, an anniversary, or anything else you may desire. For an event to be a success, every aspect of it must be planned with care.

Driving movie screens

Depending on the size and thickness of the inflatable screens, the size ranges from 20 feet by 40 feet and two feet thick. In addition, the audio can also be broadcast via FM so that the audio is evident at all times. Therefore, we can provide everything you need to ensure a smooth operation of your event, from power and water to securing the appropriate film licenses. Hence, we provide you with a Turnkey Solution. The screening of several of these films has already been conducted and has been a great success.

We provide:

  • High-lumen projectors.
  • Large format screens.
  • Excellent sound for your film festival.
  • Wrap-party.
  • Industry screening to be a success.


Whenever you choose to work with us, you can always expect a fantastic film and a great experience.

Why Choose us

At Mitey AV, our team has worked hard and long to understand what is important to you, our customer. We have translated this understanding into four core values: 

  1. We are transparent about our pricing structure, 
  2. The fact that whenever we communicate with you, we do so promptly and in a friendly manner, 
  3. Delivering the right audio visual solution at the best price for your event and 
  4. High caliber crew and equipment we have at our disposal will be able to meet or exceed your expectations. 

In New Orleans, Louisiana, Mitey AV is proud to be one of the most reputable providers of projector rental services. Our customers are given the option to pick up and return AV gear to any of our offices, or we can deliver the AV equipment and run the AV aspects of their meeting or event itself with our team of highly professional audio and video technicians.

It is our privilege to provide our customers with the most reliable and efficient projector rental service in New Orleans. We at Display-Meetings go out of our way to give businesses and meeting planners the best possible displays and presentations. At trade shows, exhibition halls, and convention centers such as convention centers, we rent LCD and short-throw projectors in high demand. Among our extensive assortment of projector rentals, we have Epson projectors, InFocus projectors, Panasonic and Optima projectors, as well as brand name projectors.

Renting a projector from us is an easy and cost-effective way to make your presentations more effective. Our expert team will provide you with the best solution for PowerPoint presentations & other presentations, no matter if you have just one projector or a dozen projectors to rent. Call us at 504-266-5681 if you are interested in renting a projector and taking advantage of special pricing, or submit the quote form on this website. As a result, we can guarantee you the best value and provide you with a 24-hour support service for your special event.