Professional Sound System Rental Company in New Orleans

Professional Sound System Rental Company in New Orleans

When it comes to events, what do people expect most? The audience wants to catch the action on stage and hear the speaker’s words. Therefore, you need an adequate sound system to listen well, even if you can see from a distance. We at Mitey AV provide best quality sound systems on rent in New Orleans. We deal in complete range of sound system as well as speaker rental service in New Orleans.

Who We Are

We provide the professional sound system and speaker rental services in New Orleans to public and private organizations. We provide sound for various events, including weddings, conferences, corporate rallies, professional presentations, athletic events, and more. We combine speakers, microphones, mixers, and public address (PA) systems, and provide you a complete package of sound system on rent in New Orleans, which is unforgettable for the audience.

How We Make Events Stand Out​

An event can be ruined by bad sound from the speaker rentals. You want to hear your guests, hear your vows if you are planning an outdoor reception. Through our collaboration with sound professionals, we make your event a success.

Set up of Sound System on rent in New Orleans​

Every day we are responsible for designing and implementing a sound system. When we attend your event, our team of engineers and technicians set up all equipment so you will receive high-quality sound. When our assistance is required, our staff members will operate the sound system throughout the event, ensuring that your guests are well taken care of. All equipment is removed and broken down after an event. We do all our work following best industry practices to protect everyone at the event.

Get Started Today​

You cannot have an event without an audible sound system. So get a sound system on rent in New Orleans from us. We will respond promptly to your inquiries via the website, allowing you to get details about our audio equipment, our team, our customized package etc.

Apart from Sound system we have a large variety of Audio Visual equipment on rent in New Orleans.

Audiovisual equipment on rent in New Orleans

For meetings, presentations, conferences, theatrical productions, entertainment, and special events, Mitey AV is the leading audiovisual equipment rental company in New Orleans. Our services include delivery, setup, and system operation. It is our goal to alleviate the burden of setting up, operating, and managing audiovisual equipment. We can assist if you need assistance with planning an event or setting up the equipment.

On-Site Technician Service

During your meeting or event, you can concentrate on other things while our friendly technicians set up and operate your equipment. All audio visual equipment on rent, we carry can be set up and run by Mitey AV. Our team has the experience and know-how to make your event a success, from monitoring your PowerPoint presentation to recording your shareholder meeting.

Custom Designed Audiovisual equipment on rent

Any AV setup you can imagine can be created by our creative planning and operations team. Our audiovisual solutions are custom-tailored to the needs of any size or complexity of the event. In addition to audio visual equipment rental service in New Orleans, we offer projector rental service also. We would be happy to discuss our custom-designed solutions with you over the phone at 504-266-5681

LED monitor rental service in New Orleans

Our goal is to provide our customers with the very best LED screen rental service in New Orleans at competitive rates and is suitable for every type of event in New Orleans. With over ten years of experience and a warehouse full of all the latest, most advanced audiovisual equipment, we proudly serve New Orleans and its surrounding area. We provide following audio visual equipment on rental basis in New Orlean which are projectors on rent, projector screen on rent, LED monitor on rent, LED screen on rent, sound system on rent, speakers on rent, microphones on rent, and complete audio visual equipment on rent in New Orleans.

Our great selection of LED Monitors is always ready to be delivered and set up right away for events big and small across New Orleans. We can mount our monitors on a wall, hang them on a truss, or mount them on a stand.

Our LED screen rental service in New Orleans can provide you with the best value for your dollar, and we can provide you something great for every event. You can find screens ranging in size from small to enormous. HD models are available, as are all major brands, and staff with experts who can explain to you precisely what makes each product distinctive. Your laptop can be connected to these devices, which will enlarge and enhance the presentation. LED stands are available in a variety of sizes and shapes to suit any TV or monitor or LED screen. 

We specialize in LED screen rental service in New Orleans. We have a wide range of sizes available from 32 inches to a large size i.e. 103 inches from HD range to 4K quality range. It all depends on the type and size of event. 

We offer you a wide variety of products that you can rent, just like all the other items we offer. Even in large auditoriums, our projector screen or LED screen will command guests’ attention and be a fully viewable experience for all. Among this category of high quality, we offer you the best. 

Our helpful customer support team can help you in choosing the best audio visual equipment on rent that will culminate in a fantastic event. 

In addition to providing sound systems for various types of events, Mitey AV also represents some of the nation’s most respected audio companies. Our vast collection of the latest technologies allows us to provide attendees with the best event experience ever. No matter where you are, you will receive products of the highest quality.

We offer special pricing for audio visual equipment rentals for a query received on our company email i.e [email protected]. So you can grab special discount, just send us your requirement on mail and our prompt customer support team will contact you in no time.