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Ready to go paperless? Mountains of documents weighing you down? Call Mitey AV ! We have the right scanner at the right price! High speed HP scanners and document feeders are standing by to help you tame and archive all that paperwork. Great for tax time too. Need more help? Call today!

Mitey AV technicians are here to help you find the equipment you need for any event.

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Your Efficient Digitization Solution: High-Speed Document Scanner Rentals at Mitey AV

In the era of digitization, rapidly transforming tangible records into their digital counterparts is a fundamental capability for any corporate entity. To execute this task with efficiency, a firm requires an apparatus that exudes dependability, strength, and astonishing speed. At Mitey AV, we comprehend this requirement and present our top-tier, high-speed document scanner rental services designed to accommodate your every demand.

What Makes Mitey AV the Premier Choice for High-Speed Scanner Rentals?

Assortment and Excellence:

We, at Mitey AV, hold our heads high for offering an extensive selection of superior equipment. Our high-velocity document scanner leasing solutions incorporate a vast collection of devices, ensuring optimal quality scans at unmatched velocities. Partnering with Mitey AV guarantees access to premium apparatus at the most competitive leasing rates. We are deeply committed to facilitating continuous customer access to the forefront of technology.

Budget-Friendly Options:

Why commit to a purchase when a rental suffices? Possessing a top-grade scanner can be a substantial expenditure, especially for fledgling businesses or those with sporadic scanning requirements. Mitey AV offers a cost-efficient substitute with our scanner rental services, enabling you to minimize expenses while still enjoying superior scanning performance.

Superlative Client Support:

Our unwavering dedication to exceptional client service distinguishes us from the crowd. The moment you reach out to rent a scanner, our goal is to ensure a smooth and worry-free rental experience. Our devoted team stands ready to guide you in choosing the ideal scanner, organize prompt delivery, and provide onsite installation and troubleshooting if required.


Renting scanner equipment from Mitey AV offers you the adaptability to respond to your business’s fluctuating needs. Whether you require a document scanner for a day, a week, or even a month, we provide flexible rental terms tailored to your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions on High-Speed Scanner Rentals in New Orleans and Southern Louisiana

At Mitey AV, we have an extensive range of scanners available for rent. From high-speed document scanners to photo scanners, we cater to a wide array of business needs. We continually update our inventory to include the latest technologies, ensuring our customers have access to the best on the market.

Our high-speed scanners are designed to handle substantial volumes of scanning in less time. The exact speed can vary depending on the model, but most of our high-speed scanners can scan up to thousands of pages per hour.

Absolutely, at Mitey AV, we offer flexible rental periods that can accommodate even a single day’s need. Whether you require a scanner for a day, a week, or longer, we’re here to meet your needs.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction includes providing full technical support for the duration of your rental. If you experience any issues with the scanner, our technical support team is ready to assist and resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

We understand that your time is valuable, which is why we offer full delivery and pickup services for all our rentals. This ensures a seamless and hassle-free experience for our customers.

Absolutely. We take cleanliness and hygiene very seriously. Each scanner is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before and after each rental to ensure it’s in the best possible condition when it reaches you.

We offer a variety of payment options for our customers’ convenience, including major credit cards, bank transfers, and secure online payments.

Yes, we offer flexible rental terms and understand that sometimes needs may change. If you need to extend your rental period, simply contact our customer service team to discuss the extension.

Certainly, we can accommodate orders of multiple scanners. Whether you need two scanners or twenty, Mitey AV is prepared to meet your needs.