Mitey AV LLP is an audiovisual company with a rich history and many experiences in providing the high quality LED TV on rent. With our presence in Los Angeles, CA, we are now also establishing ourselves in other areas of the USA. Our hard work, commitment, and unrivaled quality have already given us a name in the area.

We are eager to support you in finding the LED TV rental service in New Orleans, LA. We acknowledge, all events are different. Something that works for one occasion may not be the best option for another. We got you covered!


We offer LED TV Rental and professional TV rental. LED TV and LED monitors, provided by us will work in any environment, even outdoors with a lot of daylight. Our LED TV Rental service is perfect where LCD projectors and Screens do not work and maximize uninterrupted performance. We have a complete range of LED TV and Monitors varies from 32” to 86” Ultra HD LED screen.

Mitey AV, LED TV Rental service will get you through concerts, corporate events, conferences, and professional presentations. We also offer professional-quality Video and TV Rental perfect for cheering for your favorite sports games, family and friends gatherings, movies nights, etc.

We offer our products and services at your disposal. Reach out to us anytime. Our professional crew will be there setting up the LED TV or LED monitor for your events and occasions in the shortest time.

We are open to any custom requests and are happy to set up the LED TV and pair them with our top-quality sound systems. We guarantee your event lives up to your dreams.

Review below our top-listed equipment but keep in mind, we are ready to customize our offers and deliver the exceptional results you are looking for. We are happy to assist.

LED TV rental is one of the fastest-growing areas in the live production and event industries, so adding personality and dimension to your event has never been more accessible.

There is an extensive range of events and functions suitable for our indoor LED TV rental services, and it is a great way to engage with people at both large and small events, and it’s a fantastic way of broadcasting to them.

To ensure your audience is completely immersed in an event like this, a large LED screen can be added to all types of product launches, concerts, festivals, and sporting events.

With us, you can choose from a wide variety of audiovisual services. Our audiovisual services are comprehensive. In addition, rental equipment such as Video Equipment, Pro Audio Equipment, and Stage Lighting Equipment is available for any event environment and condition.


The audio and visual aspects of the digital era cannot be underestimated in the context of a digital world. Moreover, these features become more important as the event progresses.

With our help and assistance, your event will be one that will be remembered forever by all those who attend. If you are looking for a way to reach your audience, we are here to help you. We must ensure that your message gets everyone who matters, such as guests, customers, investors, social media influencers, and business partners.

It does not matter whether it is a birthday party, a corporate party, a wedding, or a festival. It does not matter what type of event it is, indoors or outdoors. Our mission is to provide you with a facility where you can hear and remember what you say.


Nowadays, audiovisual services or LED TV rental service is getting bigger every day, and the equipment is becoming more affordable for the general public. However, it requires professional knowledge, technical know-how, and years of experience to truly understand the best fit for the occasion. You can rely on us to provide you with the expertise to meet your needs. We will assess what should be exactly the right event for you and provide you with the best service in this area that you could possibly expect.

We are here to ensure your success and eliminate any risk regarding your event by providing you high-quality products on a rental basis. We will fight alongside you to overcome any obstacles or errors without delay in your conference or party.

  • We provide professional assistance. Our crew is a friendly team of experienced technicians, equipped with relevant knowledge, skills, experience, and expertise, who are more than happy to serve. To exceed your expectations every time.
  • We address all the uncertainty. You trust us with challenges. We provide solutions. Our crew will do its best to correctly evaluate your needs and requirements to deliver satisfactory results and live up to your expectation.
  • We want you to succeed. Our LED TV rental service is not limited to delivering inventory and collecting it later from your site. We are ready to engage in the whole process and guide you through every stage. We believe it is teamwork, and we are equally part of your accomplishments.
  • We are a one-stop shop. We are that one friend you need to call and can count on in any situation. You will not have to search several companies to get stage, sound, lighting, and visuals separately. We have it all.
  • We offer maximum flexibility. Our services are accessible 24/7. So even if you have an emergency and need to book at the last minute, we are available and ready to help.
  • We are affordable. We do not include any hidden fees and make sure you know what you are paying for. In addition, we appreciate loyalty and get special offers for our long-term customers to make our collaboration even more affordable and enjoyable for both sides.

We are offering special pricing on LED TV rental service, so if you are interested in renting a LED TV and taking advantage of special pricing, you can contact us anytime at [email protected]. We would be delighted to provide you with any further assistance you need.