LED Monitors on rent in New Orleans

LED screens have revolutionized digital communications. Unfortunately, LED video screens are a significant investment, though they may prove to be financially exhausting, mainly if your business is small or medium-sized.

Mitey AV offers premium LED screens, and video wall displays on a rental basis to bridge this entry barrier. With our LED wall rental services, you can make a big splash at your next event without breaking the bank.

Our LED screen technology solutions are amongst the most updated visual equipment in the industry. A large audience can easily see images or videos displayed on LED screens. The technology and seamless design of our LED walls make this an excellent choice for your event rentals, and tradeshow rentals, and is an ideal solution for the event or a tradeshow. Our LED video wall pitch sizes range from 2mm to 3.9mm. We offer LED screens on rent, LED monitors on rent, TV monitors on rent, LED video walls on rent, Video walls on rent, and Indoor LED video walls on rent in New Orleans.

LED screen on Hire

At Mitey AV, we have extensive experience with high-resolution outdoor and indoor LED screens, and we provide planning and preparation assistance to our clients. Expert technicians at our company are dedicated, enthusiastic, and genuinely enjoy working on unique projects. Various events and functions require LED screens on rental basis from us, including: 

  • Film and broadcast LED screen rental
  • LED-wall screens for retail
  • LED Screens for Experiential Marketing
  • LED Screens for product launches
  • LED Wall screens for exhibition
  • LED Screens for charity and gala events
  • LED screens for conferences
  • LED Screens for award shows.
  • LED Screens for fashion events
  • LED screen for sporting events


Outdoor LED Screen on Rent

Your advertising campaigns, promotions, and events can be taken to the next level when using an outdoor LED screen on rent. Our clients consistently generate mass footfall for their events, thanks to Mitey AV’s large-scale visual displays. As a result, music festivals and concerts can now be jazzed up with video walls, sporting events can be breath-taking, and highway traffic can get critical information at their fingertips.

Depending on the viewing distance, lighting conditions, and weather conditions, you can choose from various resolution screens. A robust and reliable outdoor LED wall will guarantee flawless performance at any event. With no compromise to your visual experience even once! Our LED video wall solutions can deliver crisp, clear visuals in direct sunlight or with bright stage & camera lighting. If you’re planning an event, we will assist you with renting a big screen for a great price.

The sleek, lightweight design of LED wall displays allows for an easy and fast set-up, making them the ideal solution for quick presentations. In addition, all of our team members have been thoroughly trained and are confident in assembling LED screens. As a result, every screen will be set up perfectly with no shadows, the appropriate angle, and crystal-clear delivery of your footage or image.

LED-wall display screens provide a brilliant image solution for exhibition stands, large arenas, live events, retail shops, showrooms, fashion shows, catwalks, and product launches indoors and outdoors. The LED panel’s high-resolution image and impact on audiences will impose event organizers for these types of events.

For events such as large-scale exhibitions, the LED wall screens can be built into our custom integrated modular frames and stands. For live outdoor events, LED wall panels mounted on trusses will create an impact that is truly magnificent on the audience.

Indoor LED screen on rent

The LED video walls and screens that we provide for hire seamlessly fit into events ambiences and boost your brand’s presence. We offer LED video walls on rent that always draw attention whether the venue is poorly lit or has a lot of natural light. In addition to our indoor LED screens, you can also integrate modular frames into our bespoke integrated frameworks. Additionally, they can be easily assembled and displayed at events like large-scale exhibitions.

If you’re looking for an affordable indoor video wall on rental basis, feel free to contact our company. Whether you need it for a product launch, conference, fashion show, exhibition hall, corporate event, or award ceremony, we will do it. Whenever you need a customized solution, feel free to request a free no-obligation quotation from one of our expert advisers. By offering high-resolution visual experiences with our services, your event will be the talk of the town.

We offer LED Video Walls that are ideal for indoor use. Displaying an image or footage on LED walls at a large scale is the new trend in displaying high-resolution images. In addition, LED screens are an excellent option for events due to their seamless nature and a bright image that catches the eye of the general audience.

At Mitey AV, we take advantage of the latest technology, so we can offer LED wall panels with a 1.9mm, 2.5mm, or 3.9mm pitch, capable of producing a more accurate image with fewer pixels showing. LED panels are awe-inspiring once they are put together and can intrigue passersby without a doubt.

As a result of this technology, the panels can emit a bright image that can be seen clearly from a long distance in high traffic areas and large exhibition halls. Natural and other forms of lighting will also not affect image clarity, so it is a popular choice for reaching audiences in environments with lots of light. Each Hi-Resolution LED panel also has clever mechanisms that allow the air to circulate, so you don’t have to worry about the screens overheating and going black.

In venues or events exposed to bright natural light, indoor LED panels are great because they are so versatile. There are countless examples of LED screens shining in retail window displays, outdoor arenas, glass buildings, and they do not suffer from the influence of bright light.

Our coverage spans the entire New Orleans as well as nearby area. We can help with your project by hiring led screens in New Orleans, just call 504-266-5681.