Equipment Rental New Orleans: What Makes It Even Better Than Buying?

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Get ready for a weekend party, wedding, trade show, or another special event with the help of a company that offers audio visual rental services. In this blog article, you’ll learn how Mitey AV can allow you to save money and time by outsourcing those matters.


Why Rental Equipment?

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One of the best reasons to rent equipment instead of buying it is that you can use it for a period of time as you want. When you buy equipment, you typically have to pay hefty buying costs for its use which usually remains for a negligible period of time. With rental equipment, there is no need to worry about such things because you can keep using the equipment as long as you want. You don’t even have to return it at the end of the rental period. Simply hand it back over to the rental company and they will take care of everything. This can be a real lifesaver if you are busy and don’t have time to find a storage locker for your newly purchased equipment or if you live in an area where theft is common.


Another great advantage to renting different types of AV equipment is that you can try out new pieces of equipment before you buy them. This can be helpful if you are undecided about whether or not a certain piece of equipment is right for your business. With rental gear, you can simply try it out for a few days and see how it works before



What Makes Renting from Professional Audio Rentals Different from Buying?

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There are many reasons why people prefer to rent equipment over buying it. Perhaps the most obvious reason is that rental equipment often lasts much longer than purchases. This is due to the fact that rental companies use high-quality parts and manufacturers warranty their products. Even if something does break, most rental companies offer easy and affordable repairs. In addition, rental companies often have more options than traditional hardware stores. They may carry items that you cannot find at your local store or they may be able to get the item in a shorter amount of time.


Another reason people prefer renting equipment is because it can be a great way to try out different tools before you buy them. This is especially true for specialized tools, like video walls, microphones, speakers, drapes and pipes, projectors, etc. You can often rent these items for a couple of days or even hours, which gives you plenty of time to test them out and see if they’re the right choice for your job.


Audio video Rental companies also offer a variety of safety features that are not typically included in purchases. For instance, many rental companies include extra cables and accessories in the package deal when you rent equipment. This means that you won’t have to worry about bringing these items with you.



What Audio Video Rental Equipment Types are Available for Renting?

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When you’re looking to buy rental equipment, there are a few different types to choose from. You can rent scooters, bikes, and other equipment in a variety of brands and rates. If you’re new to event rentals, Mitey AV is the best option for you as it takes all hassle off your shoulder and provide seamless renting experience when it comes to AV rentals.



How much does renting equipment cost?

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There are plenty of benefits to renting equipment over buying it outright, and the cost of renting varies depending on the type of equipment and location. You can easily compare and have a look at the average cost of renting all event and audio visual equipment from some of your favorite rental companies. Still, if you take our word, Mitey AV is the best in the business. As we have a large inventory of nearly all equipment you need and that too at very fair prices which is mostly lower than any other AV company in New Orleans and Southern Louisiana.



Who Do You Hire For Your Rental Needs?

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Typically, people hire professionals to do work they can’t do or don’t want to do themselves. However, when renting equipment, people often times can save a lot of money by looking into hiring professionals themselves. There are a few things you should look for when hiring someone for equipment rentals in New Orleans for your upcoming event.


  • First and foremost, make sure the company you are hiring is reputable and has a good reputation. Check out reviews online and talk to friends and family who have hired them in the past. Also, be sure to ask about their experience with that type of rental equipment. Mitey AV turns out to be the best in the business with consistent 5 star reviews on Google, Trustpilot, and Better Business Bureau.


  • Second, be sure to ask about their rates. Not all companies charge outrageous rates, but you should always get a quote before signing anything. Again in this case, Mitey AV’s invoice is certain to be lower than any other company providing similar quality and all types of AV equipment.


  • Third, be sure to ask about what insurance is included in their rates and what kind of coverage they have. Insurance can protect you from accidents or damage done to the equipment while it’s in your possession.


  • Lastly, make sure you know where the equipment is going to be stored while it’s being rented out. If you need the equipment returned earlier than originally scheduled, make sure the company knows how long it will take to get it back. Professional audio rentals provider like Mitey AV takes care of every hassle of transporting, setup, and de-boarding of equipment post your event.



Questions to Ask When Planning an Event with Audio Visual Rental Services Provider:


  1. What size and type of rental do you need?


  1. What are your specific event needs?


  1. What is your budget?


  1. How important to you is quality of equipment over quantity?


  1. Are there any specific brands or models of rental equipment that you are interested in?


  1. How important to you is the convenience of rentals over purchasing equipment?


  1. Do you have any special requirements or preferences for rentals, such as availability or delivery times?


  1. What is included in the rental fee that you desire and what has been provided for free?


Mitey AV professionals are here to answer your every single query with utmost perfection. We believe in building relationships and this reflects in our reviews over the years.




When you rent audio visual equipment, you can save a lot of money. Here are five ways:



  1. Compare rates.


There are many different companies that offer rental equipment, so it’s important to compare rates. You can do this by looking at website reviews or calling the companies directly.



  1. Get a deal.


Many companies offer discounts for members of certain clubs or for customers who return the equipment on time.



  1. Use credit cards.


Many companies accept credit cards, which means you’ll have access to more funds than if you used cash. Interest rates may be higher with a credit card, but it’s usually worth it to get a better deal and avoid hassles later on.



  1. Rent in bulk.


Some companies offer discounts for renting multiple items at once. This can save you a lot of money if you need several items from the same company.



  1. Use online tools.


There are many equipment rental New Orleans companies that allow you to compare rental equipment prices before you book someone. You should always use this so that you can get the best rental rates.



What you should do when a piece of equipment  is not functioning when you first use it?


Something not work as expected. When renting equipment, you know that you’re going to get the best quality for your money. You can be reassured that everything is going to function as it should and that there are no hidden surprises. That being said, what makes renting even better than buying? Here are a few reasons:


  • You can try out the equipment before you buy it


This is a big one. If you’re unsure whether or not you need or want a piece of equipment, renting gives you the liberty to play around with it and see if it’s right for your business. You don’t have to worry about ruining it or wasting money on something that you won’t use.


  • No commitment


Once the rental period is over, you can go back and buy the equipment if you’d like. This way, you aren’t locked into anything and can make the decision based on your needs at the time. If you decide after renting that you don’t want to purchase the equipment, no problem! You’ve only wasted a few hours of your time and kept some money in your pocket.





Be it any equipment you need for any types of your event, meetings, or get together, Mitey AV has got you covered. You name it and we will have it for you. Explore our website and give us a call and have a quote your way that is certain to appease you in terms of quality and rates.

Happy renting!