ELO 3239L 32″ Open-Frame Touch Screen Monitor

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What is an open frame touch screen monitor? Open frame monitors are monitors that are widely used in industrial and commercial applications. Due to their design, these monitors can be easily integrated into different systems, allowing for more customization options. This makes them an ideal choice for applications such as gaming machines, medical, and industrial automation. 

When using a touch screen monitor, you do not have to use a keyboard or mouse. You can quickly input data directly into the device by touching the screen. Open Frame Touch screen Monitors are different from other industrial touch monitors. ELO has one of the best touch screen monitors. 

Rent open frame touch screen monitor:

If you choose to rent Open Frame Touch screen Monitors, then it is a more budget-friendly option for you. If you’re someone who doesn’t want to invest in such monitors or you don’t need them much then renting it is a great option for you. We have open frame touch screen monitor available in the latest technology for you. Touch is more accessible than a mouse and keyboard for you. With open frame screen monitors, you can improve your team’s productivity by providing them with a more efficient way to access and manage data 


Open frame touch screen monitors are easy to use; you just have to pinch, swipe, or zoom in and out with your finger touch. Open or closing apps, scroll documents, zoom in and out and Navigate Pages is easy with open frame touch screen monitors. You can use rented touch screen monitors for short-term or long-term events. We Mitey AV have open touch screen monitors available for rent. You can contact us for more information regarding your rental need.