Customized Audio Visual Equipment Rental Service in New Orleans

Mitey AV is a professional, affordable, and friendly company, offering audiovisual equipment rentals in New Orleans. Mitey AV is a leading provider of audio and video rentals and services for weddings, conferences, and other events, including meetings and conferences.

We are the company with over ten years of experience and can deliver the kind of professionalism and service. We are the first choice in New Orleans when it comes to projector rental services, LED monitor rental services, microphone rentals, projector screens rental service, audio systems rental service, or any audiovisual equipment rentals in New Orleans.

If you are planning an event for thousands of people, you can customize the audiovisual equipment options. Let us know what your event planner has in mind. Mitey AV will visit your site to ensure your audiovisual equipment is working correctly.

It is our goal to provide our clients with the expertise of our team members. Therefore, the most suitable equipment is always recommended by our technicians. We will set up all AV equipment for your event and take it down afterwards to not have to worry about anything else.

Projector Rental Services in New Orleans

Mitey AV provides one of the best projector rental services in New Orleans, LA. Whether you plan an event or need to create a presentation for a corporate client, you can rely on our company for the best equipment rental service. Renting projectors from us isn’t just about getting the best possible price on top brand projectors. In addition, we provide excellent customer service and make sure they are delivered on time. The equipment that we provide must meet the highest standards, and we are responsible for ensuring it does not disrupt your event.

The projectors we offer for rent are both 10K and 5K lumens. In addition, our company rents a wide variety of projectors, including lasers, LCDs, DLPs, and ultra-short-throws. Renting projectors is a business that offers a variety of projectors, such as high definition, commercial-grade, and other projectors.

Projector Screen on Rent in New Orleans

We also provide high quality projector screen on rent. Our projector screen accommodates many projectors to suit customers’ specific needs. In addition, our company offers a range of services including custom projection screens and tripods.

Sound System Rental Service in New Orleans

Audiovisual equipment rental services offered by Mitey AV LLP include sound system rentals, sound system installations, and audio solutions, including audio solution rentals for corporate events, stage shows, fashion shows, and private parties. Additionally, due to our extensive knowledge and experience in audio technology, we are ready to give you support for small event to a very large event. We have all the product range available with us which will make your event a success.

Professional audio equipment on rent for live events and hybrid events

Conference technologies, PA systems, stage lighting, and music events are part of the competitive pro-audio division. The only brands we work with are the most reputable and reliable. With top brands, we have been partnering for a long time. Our membership profile includes Soundcraft, Behringer, Roland, JBL, and a host of other renowned pro audio equipment manufacturers.

LED Screen Rental Services in New Orleans

Mitey AV LLP provides the highest quality LED TVs on rent due to its rich history and extensive experience in the AV industry. We are also setting up shop outside of California, with a presence in other country areas. We’ve already earned a reputation for high quality, hard work, and commitment throughout the site.

In New Orleans, LED TV rental companies are plentiful. However, we recognize that all events are unique. There may be a better solution for one occasion but not for another. There’s no problem for us!

Outdoor LED Screen on Rent

With an outdoor LED screen on rent in New Orleans, you can bring your advertising campaigns, marketing campaigns, and events to the next level. Mitey AV’s large-scale visual displays consistently drive mass foot traffic to our client’s circumstances. Video walls can now jazz up music festivals and concerts, sporting events can be breath-taking, and highway traffic can now access crucial information.

You can choose from a variety of screen resolutions depending on distance, lighting, and weather conditions. You can be assured of flawless performance with an outdoor LED wall. You will never have to compromise on your visual experience! You can enjoy crisp, clear visuals on our LED video walls in direct sunlight, as well as in lighting conditions. In addition, we can provide you with an affordable big-screen rental for an event you’re planning.

Microphones on Rent in New Orleans

In addition to transmitters and receivers, we provide wireless microphone systems on rent in New Orleans. We design each rental using decades of wireless experience and expertise to ensure it is a success.

All wireless microphone systems require frequency coordination for performance locations.

Pre-configuring wireless is not something we do before we know precisely what you need.

Wireless microphone rental units leave our shop fully charged with new batteries, so you know it will perform at your site.

There is an antenna for every application, and we deploy a wide range of them. We have a wide range of log-periodic, Omni and helical antennas to meet your needs.

A variety of extras, including RF scanners, antenna distribution systems, high- and low-pass filters, and low-loss cables, are available to boost the system’s performance.

Mitey AV strives to offer its customers flexible, high-quality rental services at a competitive price. Mitey AV has a reputation for providing excellent services to its customers, including timely delivery, flexible lease terms, and prompt invoices for rentals. Our business, sales, and CRM teams are available around the clock, 365 days a year. If you need our expert advice, give us a call at 504-266-5681