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Want your message to have more of impact? Need to know what your attendees think about an important question? Or do you just want to try something more fun & engaging? Try the latest and greatest interactive AV & polling technologies from Mitey AV! We offer Turning Technologies audience response systems and Poll Everywhere™ Smart phone apps. Over 500 keypads in stock. Sound intimidating? Don’t fret – our technicians will walk you through it!

Mitey AV technicians are here to help you find the equipment you need for any event.

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Audience Response System Rentals
Audience Response System Rentals Mitey AV

Renting an Audience Response System for Engaging Collaborative Experiences


Are you looking to elevate audience engagement at your next event or meeting? Look no further than Mitey AV’s audience response system rental services. With our cutting-edge technology and reliable equipment inventory, we offer an innovative solution to provide interactive and collaborative event experiences. Even if you’re organizing a corporate training session, a conference, or a classroom lecture, our audience response systems are designed to ensure that your events become more dynamic and impactful.


Why Choose Mitey AV for Your Audience Response System Rental?


At Mitey AV, we understand the vitality of effective communication and audience participation in any or every event you are going to have in New Orleans. Hence, we have come up with the perfect and all-inclusive event rental solutions.  Our audience response systems are the perfect tool to facilitate real-time interaction between speakers and attendees. Hence, creating an engaging and inclusive environment. By renting our audience response systems, you can:


  1. Encourage Active Participation:

    Our audience response systems enable attendees to actively participate by responding to polls, surveys, and quizzes. With just a click of a button, participants can provide instant feedback, vote on opinions, or answer questions, creating a vibrant and interactive atmosphere.This active participation of attendees certainly ensures the success of the meetings or events.


  1. Enhance Learning and Retention:

    If you are an educational institution for instance, incorporating an audience response system into your educational sessions can promote active learning and improvise the level of information retention. The system enables you to gauge the audience’s comprehension, identify knowledge gaps, and adapt your content accordingly. This personalized approach fosters better understanding and maximizes the impactof right education.


  1. Faster Collaboration and Team Building:

    Audience response systems facilitates collaboration and team building by enabling attendees to work together on group activities. Participants can easily share ideas, solve problems, and engage in lively discussions. By enabling a sense of teamwork, our audience response systems promote a cooperative and inclusive atmosphere.


  1. Obtain Real-Time Analytics:

    Our audience response system provides valuable real-time analytics, enabling you to gather insightful data about attendee preferences, opinions, and knowledge levels. This data can assist you greatly in order to make informed decisions, improve future events, and tailor your content to meet the requirements of your audience more effectively.


  1. Seamless Integration and Support:

    Mitey AV’s audience response systems are user-friendly and easily integrate with a number of presentation platforms. Our dedicated support team makes sure of a smooth experience by assisting you with setup, troubleshooting, and on-site technical support throughout your rental period.


Make Your Event Memorable with Mitey AV’s Audience Response System Rental


Unlock the potential of interactive communication and collaborative learning by renting an audience response system (ARS) from Mitey AV. Our state-of-the-art technology, combined with our commitment to customer satisfaction, guarantees a seamless and impactful experience for both you and your audience. Contact us today to discuss your requirements, and let us help you create an unforgettable event that leaves a forever and memorable impression.

Choose Mitey AV for your next audience response system rental and revolutionize the way you engage with your audience!