Choosing The Right Projector For Your Event

From determining a resolution, to screen size, this resource offers pointers on selecting the right rental projector for your personal or organizational use.

Whether you are hosting a movie night or cheerleading a business seminar, having a big-screen presentation ensures that you have a lasting impression.

Compared to your television, a projector is more flexible, especially in group presentations. A good projector will offer more screen size in relation to your budget.

Use this guide to learn more about the different types of projectors. Find what fits your needs.

How Much Lighting Does The Room Need?

Best results are often obtained in a dark room. If you’ll use the projector in a place with lighting or where there will be no curtains, it’s highly recommended to select a bright projector.

How Many Individuals Will Be in the Room?

The more attendees, the bigger the picture that will be needed to make sure that everyone can see it. If you wish to increase the picture size, then companies like Hartford Tech Rentals recommend the projector to be situated away from the screen to reduce the image brightness since the light is spread over a bigger surface area. You want to ensure everyone is able to view the picture.

Determine the Nature of Your Presentation

What’s the nature of the presentation you will have? Is it technical with a lot of graphs and charts? Are you going to feature talking points as well as texts with your audiovisuals? Detailed charts need higher lumen counts. On the other hand, if you have less detailed images, and are wondering how to make your office equipment procurement greener, you can invest in a projector that has 2000 lumens.

What Is Your Application?

Projecting texts and graphs or detailed material from your PC will need a brighter projector because of the requirement to read details of the content that’s being projected. The applications will need ambient light for communication. Videos don’t require a bright light since they are less demanding in terms of visual projection. Consider renting a projector that’s not too demanding visually.

Consider the Resolution of the Projector

Resolution refers to the number of pixels that an image constitutes. The larger the pixels, the higher the projector’s resolution and the sharper the image. When comparing rental projectors, consider native resolution since most projectors are highly compatible with relatively higher resolution using compression technology.

Determine the Best Resolution for Your Needs

Projectors are often compatible with various resolutions that play a crucial role in converting different input resolutions to the original output resolution. Also defined as scaling, this process contributes to the loss of picture quality. Therefore, it’ll not be sharp or detailed since the projector could be of low resolution. It is advisable to match your projector’s resolution to its source.

Every manufacturer has a warranty policy. It’s important to understand which warranty you should expect from the vendor of your projector if it develops some fault. It could be worth it to pay a little bit over the set price to anticipate the client’s services in case it develops some fault.