Best Audio Visual Equipment Rental in New Orleans

Audio Visual Equipment Rental in New Orleans

We are a New Orleans audio visual equipment rental company providing professional, affordable, and friendly service. Mitey Audio Visual offers the highest quality equipment, fastest service, and lowest rental rates for audio and video rentals and services for your event, meeting, conference, wedding, or presentation.

Mitey AV offers unmatched levels of professionalism and service that only a company with over a decade of experience can deliver. So whether you need a projector, LED monitor, microphone, projector and screen, audio system, or any other audio visual equipment, we are the #1 choice for AV in New Orleans.

Our company provides audio and visual equipment for individuals and corporations. You can get LCD Monitors in New Orleans, projectors in New Orleans, and sound systems in New Orleans at the most reasonable cost around.

Having a show-ready mindset involves more than just setting up a project. It’s in our DNA. But, we know event technology might not be your cup of tea! Making your event or meeting memorable and impactful requires choosing the right technology partner.

We are All-In because we are honest, diligent, but most importantly, available to our customers and employees. Nothing in life is perfect, but we’re here when it matters most, live.

Because of our diverse backgrounds, we can provide audiovisual rental solutions tailored to each element of your event. We recognize you need to be able to be agile to deal with any situation you may encounter. The expertise, experience, precision, and perseverance we possess will help us exceed your expectations.

What We Do

Although we work with technology rental equipment every day at Mitey AV, we believe it’s a service we sell even though we spend a good deal of our time talking about, thinking about, and living it. 

In the area of technology, it’s our job to simplify your life. You can get the best audio visual equipment on rent in New Orleans from us. In addition, you can use it at your event or conference, and we will help you make it work.

Our attention to detail and flawless execution will make a difference. Mitey AV focuses on innovative solutions, so we think like innovators and act like partners at every company level.

Event Scalability

A truss, LED screens, microphones, speakers, projectors, and cables. Our inventory is constantly being added to provide the best possible equipment for every event. However, it’s not just about keeping inventory, but also about adding new features and technologies to it.  Such as hybrid meetings.

Our Process

A call is the first step of the planning process. Next, we spend time understanding your audience, determining your event goals, and figuring out how to execute a killer production.


The way in which we communicate with each other is crucial to our success, so we listen truly to ensure understanding. Our entire process is focused on you. You and your team will be more successful if we work together.


Among the most critical aspects of good planning can be determining what gear to use based on your goals and your audience and keeping our labor costs down. Our goal is to manage your money well, which means proper planning from the beginning.

Technical Design

We will agree on meeting your needs through communication and planning, which will be accomplished with the equipment and staff we provide. There are many facets to technical design, such as front- or rear-projection, delay screens and projectors, etc. To understand your goals and achieve them, our team offers a flexible design while meeting those goals.

Adapting our solutions to your needs is our priority.

Our audio visual equipment rental process rests on the expertise and experience of our team, who listens to your needs and craft a customized solution to fit your needs. It involves designing specifically for your event and venue, anticipating potential problems, integrating rented gear with your existing systems, and matching wireless frequencies with local TV channels.

We design and construct every system from gear in our inventory of over 10,000 meticulously maintained pieces, and we assemble and test every system in our shop before delivery.

All your AV needs are in One Place

We do more than providing audiovisual equipment on rent for your events to ensure audience members can hear and see presentations. We also offer leading-edge technology that will increase sponsorship opportunities and engagement. In addition, the ability to work directly with one company for all of your audiovisual needs across the country simplifies and simplifies your life.

Arrives Ready

Whenever possible, we will deliver audio visual equipment on rent that is already in good working order. Besides quality control basics, we can also customize your technology to meet your needs before the start of your event. You and your team can be more efficient and save time with this process.

Seamless Logistics

Mitey AV is a key component of our events team. We have the largest nationwide network of technicians to track hundreds of pieces at once.

Large Inventory

You will find every audiovisual equipment on rent in New Orleans and event technology item you need in our sizeable nationwide warehouse and network of partner warehouses. If required, we can also quickly acquire additional inventory.

In the end, everything depends on your budget and what you need. If you need help deciding which options to take, do not hesitate to reach out. You do not need to install or set up anything. Getting everything set up and learning how to use the devices will be a breeze for our technician.

We provide service throughout New Orleans and the surrounding areas. If you are looking for audio visual equipment on rent in New Orleans, just call us at 504-266-5681 or just drop a mail at [email protected]