7 reasons why you must hire a dedicated and professional Audio-Visual Rental Company in New Orleans for your events in 2024

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The quality of audio visuals can have a great impact on the event/project or conference you are hosting or attending. Speakers and screens if worked well, it can create an amazing experience for your guests but if anything as small as a microphone goes south during the event, it greatly hampers the flow of the event.

The event venues will prompt to use the AV which are in house, but if you take expert’s opinions, that’s not going to work well for you. As it is evident that the in-house  team provided by the events spaces itself does not work well as sometimes they are busy managing a number of events going at the same time in their premises, they can’t work independently for you. With that said, obviously AV is not their passion. Your search for passionate audio visuals in New Orleans ends here with Mitey AV.

For a great experience for yourself and your guests, you should opt for an independent and professional AV team in New Orleans who is passionate for Audio Visuals only.

If you go through the below-mentioned reasons, you’ll apprehend with the fact that you should hire an independent and professional AV rental companies for your upcoming events or projects. No matter of size of the event, number of guests, or if you are specifically looking for speaker rentals only, or any other specific equipment rental for any type of event be it a family gathering, high school reunion, corporate events, or anything. You say it, the Audio Visual rental companies will deliver it for you.


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1. Building Relationships

AV Rental companies take pride in their work and they are very serious. As a result, they handle clients with utmost care. The team will be there onsite and will help you to visualize your event, to address your queries, to fix any issue to make the event happen without any hiccups.

By hiring the same AV team repeatedly for your events, you are certainly going to build a strong relationship with them and this will help you in many ways. Contrary to this, if you go with the venue’s in house team, you have to start from the scratch every time you decide a new place for organizing the event. If you are organizing events repeatedly then you can rent a monitor which sounds great rather than purchasing it.



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2. Consistency in the experience

The equipment used by the AV companies are purchased and maintained by them. For example, if you are organizing a conference you will need high quality power point projector and a power point projector rental will work best for you and will be in budget, instead of purchasing it.

Using the highly maintained equipment again and again in every event creates consistency in experience for the guests. By using the same lights, microphones and projectors again and again even you become friendly with that equipment. You are providing your guests with a seamless experience by assigning your projects to a professional AV rentals team in New Orleans.

The team is completely dedicated for their work and you just have to focus on your event, the team will look into if any issue comes up, unlike the venue team who are busy in managing different events going at the same time.

The team from an independent AV rental company in New Orleans is there just for you and prevents you to solve the problems on your own resulting in you paying your undivided attention to the event and in the background the team will manage it all.



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3. No surprising invoices post-event

The event spaces are well known for charging hefty fees even for the services where they haven’t served you well. This is not the case with the independent event rental companies in New Orleans. As in this case, you will mutually agree to a price and will sign a contract upfront.
This will leave you with a clear budgeting for the event and you will not be surprised with the mail filled with heavy invoices post event.



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4. Single Line of Communication

Having one point of contact makes your life easier. Want to know how?

Imaging you having no idea who to call to fix a glitch as the venue manager will be busy in handling a number of events going on at the same time, and it leaves you bamboozled thinking of the time they are going to take to fix it.

Thus, hiring a professional rental company in New Orleans enables you to have one point of contact to fix all your problems both in your presence and in absence. You don’t need to be with them and instructing them every now and then as they are fully aware of what they are doing and why they are doing. It is something they care about and are passionate about. You can pay your attention to your guests that certainly enables the unmatchable and seamless experience for your guests.



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5. Bigger the event greater the responsibility

Hosting or organizing a large event means great responsibility to impress the guests and that responsibility can be accomplished if you hire an independent and professional event rental team.
Just setting up the equipment is not enough something extra is needed to make it at its best. The team will conceptualize the complete idea of set up, with setting up the striking lights and Speakers to build a complex set up to give your guests a next level experience with professional sound.



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6. Technical problems

It is very normal for a technical glitch to occur, but it is even worse when the venue team is not able to fix it, but with an independent AV team you are worry free, the team is well trained to solve your problem.
Professional AV equipment equals to high quality experience for the audience as the team is very passionate and careful about the quality of audio and video.
As a client you will be getting highly maintained equipment unlike the old accessories which are not even up to date, models which are no available in the market. Higher the quality of equipment, better the impact on the audiences.



7. No risk involved

AV companies have some standards for recruiting the staff, if you rely on the venue employee who may not be familiar with the problems. It is very similar to taking risk at the last moment. As they won’t be aware of the fast solutions to the tricky glitches. This is never the case with the professional companies, a team truly dedicated to your work may surprise you with their efforts and as they are working professionally, they will add some creativity on your behalf , can give you fantastic ideas how to make your event a huge success.




Next time you plan an event, if you want the event to be highly impressive, hassle free and worth remembering, you should give a chance to the professional AV rental companies in New Orleans to make it a grand success.

One such team we came across in New Orleans is Mitey AV. These guys are really impressive with their AV knowledge and the passion they have for these equipment. You should certainly try them for your next event and we are sure, the results will be ecstatic. With that said, we are signing off for now. See you guys with our next blog on AV rentals very soon!