4 Essential Tips If You’re Planning to rent LED walls for your upcoming event in New Orleans in 2024

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With a range of applications, LED-wall technology has become the standard for all events that involve visual content. It is used everywhere – huge concerts, fast-paced marathons, game day tailgates, fancy galas, private movie nights – you name it. LED screens are commonly found at events and they’re powered by LED technology.


When planning to rent a video wall, it is important to check some important tips. This can make your presentation as effective and eye-catching as possible. Hence, you would like to read through some effective tips that can help you to make an informed decision for LED wall rentals:


1. Choose the most suitable Pixel Pitch


Pixel pitch, also referred to as the dot pitch due to its measure in millimeters, will affect both the quality of the image and how far viewers can comfortably see it. Pixel pitch is calculated by measuring two LEDs on an LCD display.

Display LED screens that are up to 10 ft. must have a pixel pitch of at least 72 pixels per inch (ppi), while smaller displays require a lower number, such as 48-50 ppi. Larger though still need more room for the bigger image, so it is important to use load-bearing channels and other techniques like mounting-screen flange or concealed cable mounts.



2. Whether the setting is Indoor or Outdoor


Choosing LED video wall can best be used indoors or outdoors. LED video walls work within any temperature and can create various light spectrums for diverse objectives, such as evening events in some areas or daytime activities in others.

One option is to consult an LED professional and choose a video wall based on where you will be using it and what size screen, weatherproof, and pixel pitch it has. Indoor screen sizes can be smaller and have a lower pixel pitch, whereas outdoor screens tend to be larger, weatherproof.



3. Consider Mobility


A close-up of LED screen. If you have the budget to do so, go with an LED screen that can be easily moved. Choose one that can be towed around via a small vehicle like an ATV, set up and taken down in a few minutes, and provides on-the-go content delivery. This option is perfect for events like golf tournaments and marathons, where people move around a lot but still want to see the screen up close.

With a portable LED screen-form that is easy to set up and transport, your audience can be close to the screen. This product is a great value for events such as parties, sporting events, and movie nights.



4. Do not skip the prominence of the size of the crowd


Look at ticket sales data before you organize your event to get an idea of how many people to expect. For big concerts, rent a screen with the right size and pixel pitch.

A higher pixel pitch will help you if you are not sure how much space is needed, or if the crowd is too large. It’ll save you the hassle of getting a device that has more than the recommended pixels.





LED video walls are an essential item to add to your event space. From sporting events, concerts, or anything in between, LED screens can provide a captivating experience that is sure to attract people. Make sure you consider these tips before you rent LED walls for your next event.

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